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Traffic monuments in England

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Bus, tram, air and maritime museums

Historical railways

Amusement railways

Non-traditional operations

Welcome to our website dedicated to the fascinating world of transport museums. We focus primarily on England's transport museums, which offer a fascinating insight into the history and development of the transport industry in this rich and varied part of the world. Our site will provide you with information on the most interesting displays, historic rail systems and the latest developments in transport.

In our section on European museums, we focus on places where you can not only explore the fascinating history of transport, but also experience live traffic. These museums offer a unique opportunity to see how transport has evolved and changed over time. Enter a world where the history and present of transport blend harmoniously together.

You'll get an in-depth look at England's transport museums, which are an excellent way to better understand the importance and impact of transport on our lives. We will also introduce you to selected European museums where you can experience the unique experience of watching live traffic as the history of transport is brought into the present.

Get ready for a journey into the past and present of transport through our website, which combines a passion for history with a fascination for the live operation of transport systems.

                                    Some information for easier orientation on our website.
As our website has grown over time, here is some basic information about its structure.
Home page - contains three subsections
- Calendar - here you will find basic information about events at individual museums, historic railroads, etc.
- News - highlights important and interesting events, including details.
- Happenings - a brief overview of interesting events in the field
Map - a clear map to simplify your search for what interests you, according to your current location
- An alphabetical list of each place presented. When you click on an image, you will be taken directly to the section you are interested in
Museums - divided by the predominant part of the collections
- Combined Collections - a collection of exhibits of more than one type of vehicle.
- Railway museums - collections of railway vehicles and technology
- Tramway museums - collections of tramway vehicles
- Trolleybus museums - collections of trolleybuses
- Bus museums - collections of buses
- Maritime museums - collections focused on the history of shipping
- Aviation museums - collections focused on the history and development of air transport
- Commercial vehicles - collections of vehicles intended for commercial use
- Automobiles - collections of passenger cars including motorcycles
Standard gauge - historic railways operating on standard gauge (England 1435mm,Ireland 1600mm). They are divided by area
Narrow gauge - historic railways operating on various gauges smaller than standard gauge.
Entertain (Park) railways - model railways designed for passenger transport.
Non-traditional railways - interesting railways that are in regular service but are close in character to historic railways and are a significant tourist attraction.


What is a historic railway

A heritage railway or heritage railroad (US usage) is a railway operated as living history to re-create or preserve railway scenes of the past. Heritage railways are often old railway lines preserved in a state depicting a period (or periods) in the history of rail transport.
The British Office of Rail and Road defines heritage railways as follows:
...'lines of local interest', museum railways or tourist railways that have retained or assumed the character and appearance and operating practices of railways of former times. Several lines that operate in isolation provide genuine transport facilities, providing community links. Most lines constitute tourist or educational attractions in their own right. Much of the rolling stock and other equipment used on these systems is original and is of historic value in its own right. Many systems aim to replicate both the look and operating practices of historic former railways companies.
"Minor and Heritage Railways". Office of Rail and Road. Archived from the original on February 22, 2018. Retrieved August 16, 2018.

(quote from Wikipedia)

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