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Wet trip to Brighton

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

About a month after my trip to the museum in Crich, I decided to learn about another part of the history of transport. On November 1, 2009, probably the most famous and prestigious veterans' ride "London To Brighton Veteran Car Run" took place. So I decided to join the "normal" traffic. The start of the ride in London looked pretty good. But at the photo stop in Hooley (Croydon) I was introduced to "English" weather. The torrential and heavy rain was certainly unpleasant for the participants. But everything went on as if nothing had happened. Everyone was obviously prepared and equipped for this eventuality. The heavy rain was an addition to the official stop in Crowley. Unlike the participants, my friend and I underestimated this eventuality and decided to turn back midway. However, it was a lesson for years to come.

Really in full operation

Still almost out of water

Petrol station in Hooley - first wet stop

Petrol station in Hooley - first wet stop

Waterproof clothing was already necessary

Still just as determined

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